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Born and raised in China with a background of eight years of learning fine arts, Yunan came to the US at the age of 17. After graduating from The Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management, Yunan worked at a well-known leather handbag company, where she mastered leather weaving techniques. Throughout the work experience, Yunan was fascinated about techniques for weaving and knitting subjects and discovered her passion in this field. To pursue her interest, she returned to school. In 2018, Yunan graduated from Academy of Art University with a MFA in Knitwear Design, and she was mentored by the famous knitwear designer Midori Sergent. Yunan was the only knitwear designer attended the NYFW graduation runway; in addition, she was selected for CFDA+ Design Graduates Program. In the same year, Yunan gave a speech about the creative design process at Apple store in San Francisco, as part of the series, "Today at Apple". 

Yunan has an interesting interpretation of nostalgic memories, and she has a unique perspective of conveying human emotions in a cheerful way. In 2018, Yunan established her fiber art business committed to high quality natural fibers and daring color palettes. Her artwork is inspired by beautiful natural objects and emotions, and interpreted in creative craftsmanship, aiming to energize your favorite space with mesmerizing textures and heartfelt narratives. 

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